You make the time and we will provide the space for you to slow down and reconnect ...mind, body, and spirit.

Come into our studio and find a sanctuary. Find a place moving body and breath together in rhythmic flow and find yourself in bliss.           


Find a space to de-stress and reconnect with yourself without judgement, without expectation. At Joyful Bliss we welcome everyone whether you've never been on a yoga mat or you are an experienced practitioner. 


Everyone is welcome to go at your own pace and find yourself bringing your body and mind into a space of love and acceptance. A place of community, fun and health is waiting for you at Joyful Bliss!



Our Mission:

We help stressed and anxious people find a quiet place within mind and body with health enhancing, life enriching yoga practices to help slow down and reconnect 

"When I met Christina, I had never taken a yoga class before. I was out of shape, both body and spirit and

could barely get through the poses in our practice. With her guidance, my body and soul have become stronger each week. Christina continues to inspire and encourage me to be the best yogi I can be. I now take 3-4 classes per week and recently completed the Pell Bridge 4.2 mile Run! I thank Christina for helping me become the person I am today. Namaste"



ACCESSIBLE YOGA in a fun, welcoming and authentic environment for all. 

Find compassionate teachers offering any props you may need and any modifications to make your body the most supported in any posture. 


QUALITY, SAFETY & HEALTH in all that we do- we have high standards for ourselves and you should too. You will always find our studio impeccably clean, plenty of amenities for your comfort and convenience and professional instructors to serve you. We offer a clean,safe environment where we hold space for all members of our community and respect the needs of all 


SERVICE to share yoga through compassionate action and respect. We give back to the community in meaningful ways that align with our values. We serve educators, peoples with disabilities and schools through our non-profit partner Shri yoga. In our service to others, we serve our Self and the greater good.


CONNECTION We aspire to create an environment that promotes joy, kindness and compassion within our community. We cultivate a strong sense of friendships and bonds within our walls and beyond. We are all one and in this together.