The Labyrinth

A Tool For Healing And Transformation


Marg Tudino


Labyrinths are divine imprints. They are universal patterns most likely the realm of the collective unconscious, birthed through the human psyche and passed down through the ages. Labyrinths are mysteries because we do not know the origin, or exactly how they provide a space that allows clarity.

Join us as we enter the sacred path of the Labyrinth.

We will create a sacred circle opening our hearts to change and transformation.

“As the seasons change so do we!” What are my gifts? What are my dreams? What do I want to manifest in my life? What seems to be holding me back from aspiring to my dreams?

March 13th 

*Free introductory session*



1:30 - 7pm

Reiki Training in Usui Tibetan Reiki
There is no prior experience necessary to receive level Reiki I. In this class you will learn how to confidently deliver effective Reiki treatments bringing healing comfort and energy to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of self, family, friends, clients and loving pets.
You will receive support and encouragement throughout this process. I will be available to you to answer questions as they may arise as you continue developing as a Reiki healer.
Saturday March 28th 12-6pm

The Following Is Included in Your Reiki I class:
1. The history of Reiki
2. Reiki hand positions and how long to stay in them
3. How to give Reiki to yourself
4. How to give Reiki treatments to others, lying or sitting positions
5. The basics of the chakra system and how it affect the body
6. You will receive Reiki I attunement that will enable you to channel Reiki for the rest of your life for yourself and others.The attunement process protects the Reiki practitioner from absorbing or transmitting negative energy patterns.
7. A Reiki I certificate ready for framing
Investment $150


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